Wednesday, February 14, 2007

The Dangers of Clearance Sales

In the past two days, I have acquired an absurd amount of new materials. My original intention was to buy more of the blue merino yarn, enough to make the Unseamly Sweater from SnB: The Happy Hooker. Not only was I able to obtain said yarn (I was really afraid they'd be sold out after the pumpkin-color disappointment), but I also picked up two skeins of tan (for what, I don't know) and one skein of rose to make a hat. The lilac I had purchased became a scarf and hat which I'll post later.

Now, you're probably saying, "but Marisa, there are four kinds of yarn there, and you only mentioned three!" Or maybe you're not. Either way, the fourth skein is Katylana Soft Colorful (100% nylon and wonderfully pettable) which I found today in the clearance bin for half off. As yesterday's post said, I just barely ran out of yarn while crocheting a hat, so today I went to pick up another skein of the rose. Silly me, thinking I could escape with just a skein of yarn!

Thanks to their clearance, I also stocked up on beads:

The palette sets are really nice: each one contains a mix of seed beads, pearls, faceted beads (is that the correct term? I'm so not up on bead lingo), glass beads, and nylon bead cord. The smaller vials are a mix of seed and tubular beads. Here they are after being organized (more or less) by category:

They're much easier to see without the plastic baggies, aren't they? Plus, I have 2 extra palettes in case I buy more beads.

As an aside, this particular craft store offers a stamp card, for every 10,000 yen you spend, you receive coupons worth 500 yen towards your next purchase (basically for every $100, you get a $5 credit). They also offer some sort of special bonus if you complete 5 cards. I'm already 3/4 done with my third card -_-;

Also, I was right, they're getting rid of the winter yarn to make room for the spring yarn. It has arrived. It's delicious.

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