Wednesday, November 14, 2007


All day I was thinking about how I would come home from work and update properly for once. Pictures of FOs, perhaps, or all the WIPs I have going right now. Maybe I'd finally write some book reviews.

Then I got rear-ended on the highway while driving home.

Now all I want is Mythbusters and pizza.

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Time Constraints

Here's the problem I've run across recently: I work all day, mostly on the computer. When I get home, I can either knit, or I can update my blog. Knitting wins. Thus, my blog is a little under-utilized right now.

I've got several WIPs going, though: Knitty's Shimmer worked up in silver Glitterspun, the Checks and Charms hat from Knitpicks done in their Merino Style, a sampler afghan using yarn ganked from my friend's stashbusting party (which I mentioned briefly in the previous post but never got around to elaborating on), and a knitted bottle of Asahi for a friend's (belated)birthday present from my own pattern.