Wednesday, August 22, 2007

I swear I'll start updating again soon

I've been back in the States for almost two weeks, and I think I've finally readjusted, more or less. There's still the risk of reverse culture shock down the line, but I'm feeling less out of whack than I did when I first got in.

Anyhoo, I'm waiting for most of my craft supplies to reach me. Since sending packages by ship was the cheapest option, that's how I mailed them home, but it takes a month or more for the boxes to get here. Fortunately I ordered a ton of yarn while I was still in Japan that my mom never sent to me, so I do have a couple projects in the works right now, ranging from complicated (a cabled afghan that I'm pretty sure has a few errata in the pattern) to simple (a 1X1 rib Gryffindor scarf).

Monday, August 6, 2007

The cost of moving

I've made it from my home in the country to my host family's house in Osaka, at the expense of several WIPs that I previously mentioned working on, most notably the cabled bag and vintage dress in this post and the Knucks mentioned in this one. I also gave scads of yarn, most of it still in the ball bands, to one of the English teachers who I worked with who's an absolute doll; and somehow I lost one of the beaded pins I made.

When I get time to upload them, I have photos of most of the hats I crocheted for my host family (my host brother took his lot before I took photos of everything), and a few other sayonara presents I made for some of the other teachers I worked with.