Friday, December 21, 2007

Knitting Heresy Revisited

I was just looking through my old posts (because today is the last day of work before winter break and I'm terribly busy /sarcasm), and I came across my original Knitting Heresy post. Since then, I've actually gone back on a few of my declarations.

1. I hate circular needles. I own exactly one set of circs that I actually use to knit in the round (as opposed to larger ones that I use to knit sweaters and afghans). If I can knit something on DPNs instead, I will.

I still like DPNs, don't get me wrong, but I've become a bit more accepting of circs lately. I recently completed a Knitpicks Checks and Charms hat on their new Harmony Wood needles, and I have a couple sets of their Nickel-plated circs ready for another project.

9. I hate knitting socks, even though I love legwear.

I'm reconsidering. My first pair of socks were kneesocks, and that's why they took forever. I might attempt a pair of more reasonable anklets and see how they go.

15. I have never paid more than $8 per skein for yarn.

I think the Glitterspun I bought for my Shimmer was $8.99.

21. I have never knit a bobble and never intend to.

I made a bobbled panel for the sampler afghan I'm working on. I figured, well, if I'm ever going to knit one, now's the time. And, um, I actually really like how they look. I still refuse to wear them, though.

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Knitting is my true love...

... but Crochet is the mistress I keep around for quickies.

We can thank my roommate for that little gem. He's right, though. I've been knitting a lot longer than I've been crocheting, and I'm still more comfortable with two sticks instead of one, but it's hard to beat the speed of crochet (a concept I've already contemplated), especially with the quantity of gifts I'm trying to finish in the time frame I have to finish them.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Ok, here's the Plan

I am a terrible updater. I'm sure my regular readers are all aware of this. That is, if I even *have* any regular readers. I'm sure anyone who might have attempted it has given up by now, considering I haven't even posted in over a month.

However, in light of Son of Stitch 'n Bitch being released and my blog address being in there and all (I submitted the Hangover Helpers), I figure I should probably attempt to update a bit more regularly.

Seriously, I have FOs dating back to this summer when I was still in Japan that have yet to be posted. I have FOs that I've started and finished since moving back to Chicago. I have eighty gajillion WIPs. There's probably enough material to write about to keep me occupied through March, even without the inevitable adding on that will occur!

So here's the plan: my office is closed from Dec. 24 - Jan 2. During that time I plan to give my blog an overhaul. Updates. Links. Some semblance of organization. Hmm, this has "New Year's Resolution" written all over it....