Wednesday, January 31, 2007

When being prudent with money bites you in the bum....

During the month of December I was eyeing some beautiful pumpkin orange merino. Every time I went to the craft store I would pet it, thinking about how I could turn it into some sort of sweater, or a cabled scarf, or invent some sort of pumpkin hat. Unfortunately, as I was spending a lot of money on holiday presents and preparing to fly home for the new year, logic got the better of me as I told myself, "Wait until after winter break, until after the next paycheck comes."

Today was my first trip to the craft store since I've been back, only to find that the store was clearancing out most of their yarns, probably to make way for lighter spring yarns. Japan is very particular about only selling seasonally appropriate things- they have limited edition flavors of just about everything, from candy to cereal to noodles. So of course there was no beautiful pumpkin orange left. I did, however, pick up some lilac and dusty blue, in quantities to make a scarf and hopefully a sweater, respectively. I also obtained some curly pink novelty yarn that is just begging to be made into a poodle.

The blue and purple is Motohiro Premium Merino, 100% wool (and buttery soft!), the pink is the same brand as the green stuff in my last post (still can't tell if it's supposed to be Hands or Hans or what, it's written in katakana ha-n-zu), and the yarn in particular is called Lovely, 100% polyester.

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