Monday, February 12, 2007

Random Thought 2/13

Recently I've seen a lot of scarves and purses in various combos of knit and crochet for sale. Upon looking at the various goods being offered, it occurred to me that basic crochet looks a lot more impressive than basic knitting.

A lot of the crocheted scarves were some form of double crochet: straight dc, shells, mesh stitch (which are mostly chain stitches), etc. On the knitted side, very few were just garter stitch (and clearly not straight stockinette, for reasons addressed in my Super Scarf narration); rather, the knitted scarves featured complex cable and bobble patterns.

Considering that double crochet is considered one of the basic stitches, while cables are normally saved for intermediate knitters, it would appear that crochet has an edge for beginners when it comes to razzle-dazzle.

Now if you'll excuse me, I have a cabled bag to work on....

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