Monday, August 9, 2010

My latest creation

Blah blah, never update, blah blah, . If anyone still reads this, you know the drill.

Anyway, I've been on a huge retro dress kick, and I just finished one. It's Butterick B4790, a reproduction 1952 wrap dress pattern known as the "walk-away" dress because it's supposedly so easy to make that you can start it in the afternoon and walk away in it that same evening.

Yes, it is pretty easy, and now that I've made it once, have all the pieces cut, and know what modifications to make, I probably could finish it in a day. I'm already planning a second one in view A, with 2 contrasting colors.

This, however, is view B, where the front and back are cut from the same fabric. It's 100% that I got at Hancock Fabrics, which I think classified it as "novelty cotton". It's super-soft and smooth but wrinkles like the dickens.

As always, my photography skills are abominable.