Friday, January 26, 2007

I suppose an introduction's in order

Hi, my name is Marisa, and I'm a craftoholic.

All right, I admit, not the most creative opening line, but I have to start somewhere. I live in Japan and work for the Board of Education in a small town on the ocean, which happens to be famous for year-round mikan (a citrus fruit similar to tangerines or mandarin oranges) harvesting. In fact, our town slogan is "The Town Where You Can Pick Mikan All Year Long." See this photo of a manhole cover?

It has the town slogan on it. And a smiling mikan. We are serious about our citrus here.

At any rate, living in a small town wedged between the ocean and the mountains means that more often than not I have to find ways to amuse myself. Fortunately I've been a fan of crafting ever since I was little, and while some things are hard to come by down here (like a decent fabric selection), others are quite bountiful (like luscious yarn and gorgeous beads).

I decided to start a journal devoted exclusively to my creative pursuits so I would have a place to write about everything all at once. The way things are now, I post photos of my costumes here, comments on my knitting there, and currently have no outlet for my fledgling crochet and beaded pieces. This way, all the stories and photos from all my various hobbies can neatly be consolidated.

I'll probably be posting quite a bit at first to play "catch up" and collect a mess of FOs that are kicking around here.

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