Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Makeup is an art, too!

One of the many ways living in Japan changed me is that it gave me a new appreciation of makeup (other ways were a taste for coffee and yoga). I've been addicted to lipstick since 8th grade and used to wear powder in high school because my skin was wicked oily, but I was opposed to eye makeup of any sort. I would wear foundation and mascara when cosplaying out of photographic necessity, but that was the most done up I ever was.

Somehow, though, I got hooked on eye liner in Mihama, and shortly thereafter I started using powder again. When I moved back to Chicago my roommate at the time introduced me to mineral makeup, and that was the end of me. Now I won't even run errands without a full face of makeup. I think it's an extension of playing dress-up when I was little. I used to rock the Jem look like nobody's business!

The result of this makeup fixation is that when I get bored, I start to play. I found out about Doe Deere's makeup tutorials a long time ago, and now that I've amassed a ridiculous collection of shadows, I actually have enough of an arsenal to try some of them. Last night was one such experiment:

I'm a pirate! ARRRRRR!

I'm a stoned pirate! DUUUUUUUDE! (Ok, not really. I'm just a lousy photographer who's up past her bedtime.)

The look was inspired by the Pirate Girl tutorial.

One of the socks hanging in the background is a Pippi Kneestocking.

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