Tuesday, January 20, 2009

A very belated birthday present, and even more belated photos

My friend Rie's birthday is in October. I finally gave this to her when I went back to visit in March.

Yes, it's a Hangover Helper! It's mostly leftover yarn from what I was sent to make the Beermeister bottle for the SnB book, which is Lion Suede and Lion Wool-Ease (even though the book says to use Vanna's Choice, mine were originally Wool-Ease). The dark gray is left over from my Gryffindor sweater (which I finished a while ago, but I don't like how full the sleeves are so I never took pictures).

Fun fact: when I initially submitted the idea, I considered using Asahi for the beer bottle model instead of Budweiser, but I ultimately decided that Bud would probably be more popular. The Asahi label was infinitely easier to design, though.

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