Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Knitting Heresy is sweeping the web

Inspired by a post I found on LJ's Punk Knitters community, which was in turn inspired by a post on Isis Rising, which was in turn inspired by a post on Knitter's Review Forums, here is my list of knitting confessions.

1. I hate circular needles. I own exactly one set of circs that I actually use to knit in the round (as opposed to larger ones that I use to knit sweaters and afghans). If I can knit something on DPNs instead, I will.

2. Stemming from #1, I have no desire to use the Magic Loop method.

3. I have no qualms about jumping on Knitty bandwagons, if the item in question actually appeals to me (such as Clapotis or Fetching).

4. I will make an effort to reach the end of a row before attaching the next skein, but if I'm pretty close, well, I'll join it anyway.

5. I hate tiny needles and time-consuming projects. I'm an instant gratification knitter. I learned to knit on a pair of US 11s, and they're still one of my favorites. Most of my stash is worsted and heavier.

6. Yet, the size I use the most are US 7s.

7. I never swatch for accessories, only garments. I'll adjust the pattern as I go if it's too big or small.

8. Short rows and waist shaping are the best knitting inventions ever. Joan McGowan-Michael is my hero.

9. I hate knitting socks, even though I love legwear.

10. I'm a selfish knitter, most of what I make is for myself with the exception of charity knitting and occasional baby presents.

11. I love 1x1 rib and seed stitch. I hate garter stitch.

12. I love Fun Fur.

13. Heck, I love novelty yarns, especially soft plushy ones.

14. I love Wool-Ease, Homespun, and Simply Soft, but I hate Super Saver.

15. I have never paid more than $8 per skein for yarn. Ever. I have some to-die-for Noro that I bought for 200 yen a skein on clearance.

16. I have spent the last few coins in my wallet on knitting needles, even when I shouldn't.

17. I knit through the back loop by default.

18. I have never read the Yarn Harlot. However, I love Debbie Stoller's books.

19. I have knit patterns from Vickie Howell's blog, but I have never watched an episode of Knitty Gritty.

20. I almost never know what to make when I randomly buy yarn but do it anyway, then have to go out and buy yarn specifically for the patterns I want to make.

21. I have never knit a bobble and never intend to.


Amy said...

Bobbles are the devil. Really.

tricia mcdonald said...

I saw the thread on punk_knitters and realized I had no idea what would be considered "heresy" since I didn't know the rules to start with! Probably just as well, I suppose. :-P

And hey, thanks muchly for your comment on my blog re origami.