Friday, December 21, 2007

Knitting Heresy Revisited

I was just looking through my old posts (because today is the last day of work before winter break and I'm terribly busy /sarcasm), and I came across my original Knitting Heresy post. Since then, I've actually gone back on a few of my declarations.

1. I hate circular needles. I own exactly one set of circs that I actually use to knit in the round (as opposed to larger ones that I use to knit sweaters and afghans). If I can knit something on DPNs instead, I will.

I still like DPNs, don't get me wrong, but I've become a bit more accepting of circs lately. I recently completed a Knitpicks Checks and Charms hat on their new Harmony Wood needles, and I have a couple sets of their Nickel-plated circs ready for another project.

9. I hate knitting socks, even though I love legwear.

I'm reconsidering. My first pair of socks were kneesocks, and that's why they took forever. I might attempt a pair of more reasonable anklets and see how they go.

15. I have never paid more than $8 per skein for yarn.

I think the Glitterspun I bought for my Shimmer was $8.99.

21. I have never knit a bobble and never intend to.

I made a bobbled panel for the sampler afghan I'm working on. I figured, well, if I'm ever going to knit one, now's the time. And, um, I actually really like how they look. I still refuse to wear them, though.

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